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In Shanghai alone, 10 bookstores including Upper Bookstore, MUJI Books, and Mephisto opened, some as franchises of established brands and others as small, independent businesses.


Lu Shengzhong: Life as Paper

Lu Shengzhong's most representative work is paper-cutting “small red figures.”


Kaili Blues: Writing Poems with Long Lens

On December 1, 2015, 26-year-old Bi Gan, one of China's youngest directors, walked away with the Golden Montgolfiere for his first full-length motion picture, Kaili Blues.


Rocking the Earth

From November 3 to 4, 2015, Beijing People's Liberation Army Opera House engaged the audience with its grand modern dance drama, Earth/Quake, by young dancers from Beijing Dance/LDTX (LDTX), who depicted the twists and turns of spiritual exploration.


[Books]Historical Narrows

This collection of nine stories written since 2010 by Wang Jun, a journalist at Xinhua News Agency, recounts China’s unprecedented social transformation over the last 150 years.


Rebirth of National Music:
Rediscovery of Classical Chinese Folk Music

Known as "Chinese national musical," Rebirth of National Music combines plot and story-telling into a performance.


Mountains May Depart: Chronicling Two Generations of Chinese

French film critic Jean-Michel Frodon wrote in one of his essays that we [Westerners] can understand what is happening in China because the country has a narrator like Jia Zhangke.


Overseas Bookstores: Telling Chinese Stories

In November this year, "2015 - You Bring Charm to China" award ceremony was held at the Peking University Hall to honor seven overseas Chinese bookstores, which have been in business for a long time.


[Books]Finish the Song of Youth
1990-1999: Images of China's Rock 'n Roll and a Cultural Community

This year, photographer Gao Yuan saw her book Finish the Song of Youth published, bringing readers closer to and looking straight ahead at this community in the 1990s.


Ode to Joy

One of the Oscar nominations for the best foreign-language film officially announced in early October is Go Away, Mr. Tumor! from China’s mainland.


[Books] Suiyuan 1936: Images of the Anti-Japanese War by Missing Photographer Fang Dazeng

Fang Dazeng was a typical legendary photographer. Born around the same time as Capa, Fang left breathtaking photos for later generations after two years of work, framing precious moments in Chinese history.


China's Comic Cons: Not a Laughing Matter

ReedPOP, the world’s largest organizer of pop culture events, recently held a press conference in Beijing to announce its future plans for China.


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