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Misty Mountains
Text and photographs by Wang Lei

Before my visit, I was already familiar with the saying that one should “visit Qomolangma [Everest] if you are a mountain climber, and visit Tenglong if you are an explorer.” Still, when I arrived at its entrance, I was stunned. The massive mouth is shaped like a sword, smooth and angular. Two helicopters even once flew into the cave side by side. Upon entering, I was treated to even more breathtaking visuals. The interior seems endless. The deeper you go, the more spacious it becomes. I have been told that mountains with caves are actually hollow, and when walking inside this kind of mountain, I felt oddly claustrophobic. If you look up towards the ceiling, you may feel as if it could collapse at any time.

However, Tenglong Cave is not simply a hollow mountain. In the center of the cave is a huge theater, where a laser water show is presented daily, attracting large audiences. Although the temperature in the cave can drop, most visitors are more than happy to endure chills to witness the seldom-seen performance. After the show ends and everyone walks out of the cave, the audience members are imbued with new warmth and light, as if returning to earth after visiting another world.



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