• Destination
Rainforest Sanctuary
Text by Dan Cong Photographs by Wang Yizhong

The heavenly rainforest restored by Margraf and his wife.

A bird is reluctant to leave Li Minguo’s room.

Josef Margraf was born in Munich, Germany, in 1953. He passed away in China in 2010 after a heart attack. Greatly influenced by German environmentalism, Margraf’s passion for biodiversity and the environment began at an early age. He received a master’s degree in ecology and a doctorate in tropical agriculture from the University of Hohenheim. In 1989, as a trained biologist, Margraf created a new way to recover and renew rainforests on Leyte Island in the Philippines. His work is highly regarded by European Union and became a model for biodiversity and rainforest restoration. In 1997, he was assigned by the German government to lead a panel on rainforest protection in China.



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