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Hulun Buir Grassland, deep in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is billed by China National Geography magazine as the most beautiful grassland in China. The best natural pasture in Hulun Buir, Barag Grassland is home to one of the oldest Mongolian tribes: the Barags.


The best natural pasture in Hulun Buir, Barag Grassland is home to the Barags, one of the oldest Mongolian tribes.

From June to October, the boundless pasture features a mild climate and picturesque scenery. Cattle graze on grass stretching beyond the horizon while loud, melodic singing of herdsmen reverberates through the air, comprising a picture depicting ultimate harmony between man and nature.

In centuries past, the ancestors of the Barags led a nomadic life on vast grasslands between Khingan Mountains and Lake Baikal. During the Third and Fourth Centuries, the Barags mainly inhabited areas between the Onon River in the South and Lake Baikal in the North. At that time, they became a prosperous, powerful tribe, and called their chief “Barag.” Later, “Barag” became the name of the entire tribe, and the grassland they inhabited has since been known as Barag Grassland.



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