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Text by David Bordwell


Milkyway Image, Beyond Imagination -

Wai Ka-fai and Johnnie To’s Creative Team (1996-2005) 

Compiled by Law Pun,

Shanghai People’s Publishing House,

March 2015 


Milkyway Image, a top Hong Kong movie production company, was established in 1996 by major filmmakers Johnnie To, Wai Ka-fai, Tat-Chi Yau, and Yau Nai-Hoi. The company has created a new era of movie production in Hong Kong, finding great success one after another, both commercially and artistically, with films flavored by distinctive style and wide-ranging themes.

Despite the fact that many considered the years between 1996 and 2006 stagnant for film production in Hong Kong, Milkyway Image stood out as a brand with distinctive features.

This book was published to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company and is the only official edition in simplified Chinese.

Themed around ten great movies, the book expounds each movie in three parts: introduction, interviews of filmmaker, and professional reviews. Attached at the end of the book is a complete list of its movies made over the last decade.

The book is a collection of articles on a wide array of topics, including movie forms, aesthetic style, various direction and the relationship between movies and society, written by internationally-known film researchers and movie critics such as David Bordwell, Peter Rist and Jeff Smith, as well as senior movie critics from Hong Kong such as Li Cheuk-To, Bono Lee, and Shu Kei.

Interview subjects include ten major figures from Milkyway Image including Wai Ka-fai, Johnnie To, Sean Lau, Simon Yam, and Andy Lau, illuminating production of various renowned movies for fans.

Law Pun, a writer and cultural critic, teaches at the departments of culture and religion and journalism and communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and serves as a guest lecturer at the General Education Unit of the University of Hong Kong.

Over the last few years, Pun has written and published a number of novels such as Lost World (2005) and Wounded Tracks (1998) as well as collected works such as Urbanology (2005). He also served on juries at many film festivals such as Hong Kong Independent Film and Video Awards, FIPRESCI Awards of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the Hong Kong Film Awards.



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