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[Books]Colorful China:Recording History Across Three Decades


By Weng Naiqiang,

CITIC Press Group, February 2017 

This book includes 445 works carefully selected from tens of thousands of photos taken by 80-year-old Chinese photographer Weng Naiqiang, who vividly captured the great changes in Chinese social life from 1964 to 1995. Some color photos from the 1960s are unveiled to the public for the first time, and 70 original negatives have been permanently added to the collection of the National Museum of China.

His photos record China’s social, political, and economic changes across 30 years, including scenes in various industries and ordinary lives. The photographer framed many details and everyday life scenes, such as the Dongdan food market, Neiliansheng (a time-honored shoe company in Beijing) stores, vendors selling grasshoppers, and Li villagers herding cattle. The extremely rare color photographs from a time when almost every image was black-and-white provide a rare glimpse into the world of past generations.



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