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Coal Artery

Those who study things like coal transportation will find that on a newer map of China, a railway runs through...


Devastating Landslide Hits Zhouqu

As of press time, 1,254 people have been confirmed dead and 490 missing after rainstorm-triggered landslides hit northwest China’s Zhouqu County...


Green With Envy

With the theme “For a Greener Tomorrow,” Auto China 2010 presented a total of 95 alternative and new energy vehicles, of which 30 will hit the market this year.


Made in China, Made with China


This is the first-ever global branding campaign for Chinese-made products as a whole. The TV advertisement was jointly sponsored by four Chinese industry groups...


Red Tourism

Over the nearly three decades from its establishment in 1921 through the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Communist Party of China (CPC) marched down a “red” road of revolution. It was a road of hardship, passion, romance and glory. Today, increasing numbers of Chinese with an interest in history are enthusiastically revisiting former revolutionary bases and landmark sites. This is “red tourism.”


A Sense of Xinjiang

A local saying goes: “One can never know how vast is the land of China, without first crossing Xinjiang.”


The Greater Cause

In 1979 the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) began providing food aid to China. Over the past three decades ...


Deep Blue Defense
— A Modern Force at Sea

On April 23, 2009, the First Chinese Naval Festival will commence in Qingdao City, Shandong Province...


Engines of Employment Decelerate Global Slowdown Hits Home

That day, we just went to work as usual. We didn’t know our factory had shut down until we saw the notice on the gate...


The Laowai Eye Sichuan through a Western Lens
Around Ya’an

Besides a few of the roads in more remote areas, and contrary to what some may presume, less than a year after last May’s devastating quake...


The Sun Still Rises — Revisiting the Quake Zone

The frigid midwinter weather can’t stop the green plants dotting the roadside on the way to Beichuan. Determined to grow...


Securing the Seas Naval Peacekeepers on Historic Mission

December 26, 2008, marked a milestone in the history of China’s navy, when for the first time warships embarked on an international mission beyond the nation’s territorial waters...


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