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Common Ground for Sino-Japanese Ties
Text by Zhou Mingwei, President of CIPG

CIPG President Zhou Mingwei is interviewed by China Pictorial, during which he noted that this year’s Beijing-Tokyo Forum is expected to lead public opinion and inject positive energy into current China-Japan relations through dialogues on security exchange and crisis control.  by Zheng Liang

The Beijing-Tokyo Forum, launched in 2005, has developed into the most lasting and one of the most influential nongovernmental forums between China and Japan. Initially, the forum focused on topics concerning media organizations from the two countries. But now, an array of topics covering bilateral diplomacy, economics, trade, media and cultural exchange, and security are discussed at the forum, making it one of the most-recognized communication platforms among Chinese and Japanese elites.

Over the past decade, the China-Japan relations underwent unprecedented strains and encountered some of the most difficult challenges since the normalization of their diplomatic ties. Adhering to its original purpose of improving nongovernmental exchange between China and Japan, the Beijing-Tokyo Forum has continued to aim at finding common ground through exchanging opinions of both Chinese and Japanese visionaries, providing reference points for governments of the two countries to formulate relevant policy, and promote mutual understandings of Chinese and Japanese people. It has become an important platform for the two sides to discuss topics that concern them both.

After 10 years of development, the forum has earned glowing recognition from both sides. However, it is facing challenges. Faced with the deteriorating China-Japan ties in recent years, how the Beijing-Tokyo Forum will continue becomes a pressing issue concerned by both sides. In this context, senior figures from both countries recommended China International Publishing Group (CIPG) sponsor the Chinese side of the forum for the next 10 years. This not only recognizes CIPG's efforts in improving Sino-Japanese communication over the past 60-plus years, but also conveys expectations for the forum to explore new topics and pinpoint solutions for troubled China-Japan ties and enhance mutual trust.

This is the first time that CIPG has hosted the Beijing-Tokyo Forum. The rich experience accumulated by the forum over the past decade is now our priceless wealth. Even if the forum faces many unprecedented challenges, we still have the confidence to make this year's event a great success thanks to the big picture and important foundation of China-Japan relations.


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