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Era of “Created in China”
– An interview with CSR President Zheng Changhong
By Chen Biao and Zhu Huiyue

Zheng Changhong: Presently, low-carbon and energy-conserving concepts prevail around the world. All countries, including China, are seeking more green transportation. High-speed rails are one green means of transport characterized by high efficiency, zero emissions, energy conservation, and overall environmental friendliness.

China has already invested a huge amount in the development of high-speed railways. So far, the nation has constructed 6,552 kilometers of high-speed rails, more than any other country in the world. According to China’s medium and long-term plan for railway network construction, by 2012, its high-speed passenger lines will reach 13,000 kilometers in total. In fact, the figure is a conservative estimate according to the latest release from the Ministry of Railways. By the time the goal is achieved, China will have formed a nationwide high-speed railway grid comprised of four longitudinal lines and four latitudinal ones. Presently, the nation has 400 high-speed EMU trains in operation. According to the ministry, the figure will increase by 2,000 by the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2011-2015).

Rail transportation is now witnessing rapid growth throughout the world, creating a wealth of opportunity for large railway equipment manufacturers like us. Presently, supply of high-speed EMU trains has fallen short of demand. As a leading high-speed locomotive manufacturer, CSR now provides more than 70 percent of China’s high-speed railway products. CSR endeavors to create a professional and innovative image for itself and become a front-runner in China’s CRH train manufacturing as well as a trend-setter in the international high-speed railway industry.

CP: It is estimated that by 2020, more than 27,000 CRH trains will be operating in China. This is a tremendous growth point for CSR. In the future, what other economic growth points will CSR see?

Zheng: Since Chinese premier Wen Jiabao set building a green, low-carbon society as a national goal, that has been the greatest growth point for China. In addition to energy-conservation and environmentally-friendly high-speed locomotives, CSR is also committed to the production of high-power, AC-driven diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, and subway trains. The diesel locomotives we develop and manufacture together with the United States’ General Electric Company (GE) are environmentally friendly, with emissions reduced by at least 30 percent. Also, CSR applies green technology in its new-energy businesses, such as wind power and electric automobiles.

Now, CSR is the third largest enterprise of its kind in the world, and we believe it will climb to first by 2012. This is because few companies like us have capacity to produce 100 high-speed EMU trains a year, and few countries like China demand 100 high-speed EMU trains annually. Each year, the Ministry of Railways purchases nearly 1,000 diesel and electric locomotives, 1,000 passenger trains, and tens of thousands of freight wagons. They invest 100 billion yuan in railway equipment annually. Additionally, as a necessary solution to reduce pressure on urban transportation, the demand for light rails and subways doubles every year. No country on Earth, except for China, could invest such a huge sum and accomplish such fast development. More than 50 foreign countries have contacted the ministry, hoping to purchase Chinese high-speed EMU trains. All of these areas will become new growth points for CSR.

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