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Those passing the Haibang Station of Guangzhou’s Number 4 Subway Line often turn their heads to see the massive sports mural helping to gear the city up for the Asian Games. An 800-meter-long corridor leads pedestrians to the Asian Games Town, full of modern, classical, and exotic structures serving as the Media Village, Athletes’ Village, and Technical Officials’ Village, amongst many others.

Asian Games Town is located in the Panyu District of southern Guangzhou and covers 2.73 square kilometers of land. It is divided into seven major parts which are the Main Media Center, Logistics Area, Gymnasium, and Asian Games Park, along with the Athletes’, Technical Officials’ and Media Villages. The facilities are ready to accommodate 14,700 athletes and team officials, 10,000 media representatives, 2,800 technical officials, and 18,000 staff members, as well as 6,300 participants in the Asian Para Games.

The Athletes’ Village is located at the center of the Asian Games Town.     The Asian Games Town will become a new district in southern Guangzhou after the event.     Solar energy has been well utilized in the Main Media Center.

Village to Town


In the history of grand sports gatherings, the living quarters serving the events have mostly been in the form of “villages.” The village for the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, however, is more comparable to a town with plentiful amenities for living, shopping, relaxation, and of course competition.

“After the Games, the Town will transform into a well-facilitated urban community.” remarks Peng Gaofeng, director of the Venues Department.

Asian Games Town enjoys quite a few regional advantages. It neighbors Mt. Lianhua (Lotus), a national Grade AAAA scenic spot in the north, Shiziyang, an estuary off the main course of the Pearl River to the east, and Nansha District of Guangzhou, and to the south features two expressways and three crisscrossing subway lines.

Asian Games Town was constructed in Shilou Town, which is located at the heart of the urban areas of the Pearl River Delta. After the Games, it will become home for over a million residents. 


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