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The Hidden Value of Hadid's Displaced Design

Beijing's modern urban development has seen the best of times and the strangest of times. For a period during the thirteenth century, the city was so magnificent that it awed the well-traveled Marco Polo.


Huang Jixin: Building the Search Engine of the Future

"The Communist Manifesto was first written in German," remarked Huang Jixin, co-founder and CEO of, a Chinese knowledge sharing and production website.


Cao Wenxuan: Children's Lit for All

On April 4, winners of the 2016 Hans Christian Andersen Awards were announced at the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the largest and most prestigious fair for children's books in the world.


Lu Jia: Promoting Classical Music in China

On March 20, the China National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra (NCPA Orchestra) performed Tapiola and Symphony Opus 5 by Sibelius, as well as the Piano Concerto of Schumann.


Stephen Chow: A Film Tradesman

Already one of the most popular comedic actors across all of China, Stephen Chow Sing-Chi cemented his place as one of the greatest working Chinese film figures when his latest science fiction fantasy The Mermaid became a hit from the moment it was released on February 8.


Guo Gan: Bringing Erhu Music To the World

In the West, the erhu is often called the “Chinese violin” or “Chinese two-string fiddle” and remains one of the most emblematic traditional Chinese instruments.


Jian Lili: Psychological Pioneer

In 2011, Jian Lili felt stuck. Born in 1985, Jian started elementary school at age four and university at 15.


Torbjorn Loden: Evolving Culture

The 2015 Huilin Culture Award was granted to Torbjorn Loden, a Swedish sinologist from Stockholm University, and Chinese artist Han Meilin.


Reluctant Movie Star: Feng Xiaogang on Mr. Six

On Christmas Eve, Mr. Six, also known as "Lao Pao'er" in Chinese, was released and quickly stood out compared to other holiday films: In only 12 days, it earned over 700 million yuan at the box office.


Spring of Makers

"Maker" originally refers to an individual, or a group of individuals, who makes things out of interest and as a hobby.


Leung Man-tao: Talking about Book, Art and Music

Leung Man-tao's daily program Eight Minutes Reading on Phoenix Television, which lasted for eight years, was off the air in early 2015.


Jin Liqun to Head the AIIB

Late August 2015 saw the convention of the sixth chief negotiators' meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, at which leading founding member states elected Jin Liqun of China as AIIB’s president-designate.


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