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Chu Yan: Designing Life after APEC

Hidden in a nondescript building outside the 5th Ring Road in the northern outskirts of Beijing, fashion designer Chu Yan’s studio doesn’t even have a sign.


Mission to Mars

Starting from publicity, registration and announcement of 100 hopefuls selected from a massive pool of applicants, the Mars One project has already been going on for two years.


Mo Daoming: Riding the Trends

In early December 2014, at the Institute of Public Policy (IPP) of South China University of Technology (SCUT), which was jointly established by Mo Daoming...


The Pop Pianist

Before he turned 20, Li Yundi had already experienced two “big events,” both related to Poland. On the day he was born, October 7, 1982,...


Wang Fuchun: Lifelong Dedication

Wang Fuchun, a native of Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, didn’t realize that shooting people on trains would become his life’s work when he snapped his first photo...


Li Yinhe and Transsexual Love

Li Yinhe is a researcher, professor, and doctorial tutor with the Institute of Sociology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences...


Lei Jia: Voice Heard Round the World

The audience continued applauding for a full 10 minutes after Lei Jia left the stage of the China National Convention Center near Beijing’s landmark Bird’s...


Ai Huisheng Microtransplantation

In 2011, a new treatment for leukemia was published on Blood, which is the most authoritative publication in the field of hematology globally and is...


Ai Jing: Passing by Hong Kong

In 1989, two girls from Shenyang in northeastern China pursuing careers in music scored a meeting with renowned musician Liang Heping in Guangzhou...


Someone to Write Home About

On October 18, 2014, as Beijing was shrouded in another smoggy day, 99-year-old Sidney Shapiro at breakfast passed away peacefully at home...


In Memory of Mr. Shapiro

Editor’s Note: Author of this article is Li Dongdong, a CPPCC member who formerly served as deputy head of China’s General Administration of...


My Decade with Sidney

“I am not a master,” remarked Sidney Shapiro. “I hope I can be a bridge between China and the world, urging people of different ethnicities...


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