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Journey to Jiangsu

Jiangsu Province is located on China’s eastern coast, near the municipality of Shanghai. On a recent visit, I toured Nanjing, the provincial capital, and Kunshan, a smaller city further east.


Beijing: A Breath of Fresh Air

Beijing, the sprawling capital of China, is famous worldwide for many things. It has an incredible history stretching back thousands of years...


Beijing Welcomes the Year of the Rooster

The Spring Festival is a time for food, family and fireworks for people all across China. With more Chinese people than ever before working away from their hometowns...


Zhangjiajie: Out-of-this-World Mountains

The region around the city of Zhangjiajie in southern China’s Hunan Province is famous for its mountains. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992...


Fuzhou to Quanzhou

Last October, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the 2nd Maritime Silk Road International Tourism Festival in Fujian Province……


The 1,001 Kashgar Nights

After living in many Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Syria and Yemen, I couldn’t wait to visit Xinjiang, China’s biggest Muslim region with a predominant Uygur population.


Wuzhen: Venice of the East

It’s hard to beat the magic of a boat cruise down an ancient waterway alongside fishermen rowing into the setting sun.


Elegant Hangzhou

Many consider picturesque Hangzhou a Paradise on Earth. Thanks to its numerous mountains, hills, rivers and lakes, Hangzhou is characterized as a beautiful urban landscape with unique Eastern flavor.


Eternal Springs of Jinan

I was invited to Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province, to participate in a photo event associated with the restoration of Baihuazhou area


Beijing's Gravitational Pull

I wasn't supposed to return to Beijing. The day I landed at China’s Ningbo Lishe Airport, in the city where my father had been living as an expat for a decade, my itinerary had already been set.


Martian Beaches

When my friend Mary first mentioned the red beaches of Panjin, I was skeptical. A red beach in Liaoning sounded a little unreal.


Xi'an: Back to Chinese History

When I was a little boy in Brazil, I became fascinated with history, read The Lost World, the Arthur Conan Doyle book that inspired Jurassic Park, and dreamed of becoming an archaeologist like Indiana Jones.


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