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Beijing's Gravitational Pull

I wasn't supposed to return to Beijing. The day I landed at China’s Ningbo Lishe Airport, in the city where my father had been living as an expat for a decade, my itinerary had already been set.


Martian Beaches

When my friend Mary first mentioned the red beaches of Panjin, I was skeptical. A red beach in Liaoning sounded a little unreal.


Xi'an: Back to Chinese History

When I was a little boy in Brazil, I became fascinated with history, read The Lost World, the Arthur Conan Doyle book that inspired Jurassic Park, and dreamed of becoming an archaeologist like Indiana Jones.


Land of the Dong Minority

A simple blurry black and white picture in a cheap book about China’s ancient and ethnic villages was my inspiration to hop on a long and bumpy ride from Guilin to Sanjiang, a small town in northern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.


Weekend in Shanghai

Shanghai, whose name literally means "above the sea", is situated on the Huangpu River.


Lugu Lake from the Yunnan Side

Of all my travels in China, my discovery of Lugu Lake (Luguhu), a wondrous, giant body of water straddling the border between Sichuan and Yunnan provinces in southern China, has become one of my most precious memories.


The History of Kaiping Diaolou

Located in the Pearl River Delta, Kaiping and two of its villages called Chikan and Zili were among my favorite stops on this trip, because these places were different from anything else I had seen anywhere.


Winter Getaway to Harbin

Harbin, in Heilongjiang Province, is a city with strong Western influences because it is close to borders of other countries, and has a long history of immigration.


Chengdu, Cuddle and Spices

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, is mainly known for its delicious spicy food and for being the hometown of giant pandas.


Hangzhou: Heaven on Earth

Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province in eastern China, is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the country.


Huairou: Back Garden of Beijing

Huairou is a northern suburban district of Beijing located about 50 kilometers from the capital’s downtown area. Its stunningly green landscapes and bucolic villages make it the perfect getaway to escape the crowds of Beijing, but a single weekend is definitely not enough to take in everything Huairou has to offer.


The Guangxi Experience

I flew to Guilin on Chinese New Year’s Eve. When I landed in Guilin......


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